Hi, I'm Andrew Vieyra.

I build enterprise class infrastructure, platforms and distributed systems to solve exabyte level big data and research challenges on a global scale.

My PGP Key is 0xB5266508. You can corroborate the legitimacy of this key by finding it on other sources, by verifying it with me in another medium, and checking Keybase which contains some key+account ownership proofs via my Twitter, my GitHub, and other online profiles. This key is also available on most keyservers

$ gpg --list-keys --fingerprint 0x3FD322F6B5266508
pub rsa8192/0x3FD322F6B5266508 2017-01-31 [SC] [expires: 2019-01-31]
Key fingerprint = 9FA4 19D2 9F5C 2CD8 E22F 2383 3FD3 22F6 B526 6508
uid [ultimate] Andrew Vieyra (andrew@andrewvieyra.com)
uid [ultimate] Andrew Vieyra (andrew.vieyra@dell.com)
uid [ultimate] Andrew Vieyra (andrew.vieyra@emc.com)
uid [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 5998]
uid [ultimate] Andrew Vieyra (andrewvieyra@protonmail.ch)
sub rsa4096/0x244B8F183836830F 2017-01-31 [E]
Key fingerprint = 1FCC 1D8A 71EB 3B3F 8DD7 7CEB 244B 8F18 3836 830F
sub rsa4096/0x95B874414D16CD5B 2017-01-31 [S]
Key fingerprint = 76D1 B8C3 1EB2 F08D DAD1 9A36 95B8 7441 4D16 CD5B
sub rsa4096/0xD0A8FC587F48F78A 2017-01-31 [A]
Key fingerprint = E563 466C 2EA1 36DC BDCD 1E83 D0A8 FC58 7F48 F78A